Travel Congress 2023: Adapting to change

The knowledge event for the professional travel industry
What is Travel Congress?
Travel Congress is the knowledge event where the professional travel industry comes together. Sharing knowledge, networking and in-depth knowledge of current trends and developments that affect your field today are central. Come and discover, be inspired and get insights and tools from pioneers within and outside the industry.
What can you expect?
Various topical themes will be discussed and put together in consultation with our Expert Group. Meet your peers at this versatile conference with a high-quality program full of plenary keynotes, breakout sessions, panel discussions, workshops and round table sessions where fun and getting energy will also be central.
Why visit?
  • Get in touch with travel industry professionals at C-level and management level and create your own multi-faceted program.
  • Invest in your own professional growth by gathering and sharing knowledge with experts from inside and outside the travel industry.
  • You will go home full of inspiration, new insights, contacts and tools that you can use in your own work field today.

What is the theme?
The theme of Travel Congress 2023 is Adapting to change. The world, and with it the travel industry, is constantly changing. In recent years more than ever. We live in a disruptive and uncertain time in which we must continue to show flexibility and resilience in order to get back on top, keep a grip and be more meaningful at the same time.
Photo impression
Curious about the latest edition of Travel Congress? Watch the video or photo impression of 2022.


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