Anouschka Trauschke, Reinvent Tourism / Tours that Matter

Initiator of Reinvent Tourism – the home of the pioneers behind positive impact tourism in Amsterdam. I am also co-founder of Tours that Matter, we develop unique experiences that contribute to the city. I believe in joining forces, in bottom-up change and constantly reinventing new ways of travelling, working and living.

Tijd: 11:30 – 12:00 uur

The tourist as solution! – Anouschka Trauschke

We are inviting you to co-create the future of tourism together. Visitors are slowly returning to our cities. How do we make this a celebration — not only for our revenue, but also for residents, the environment and the beauty of the city?

The new form of tourism is a co-creation. Cooking for the entire neighbourhood, cleaning up the area with sex workers or going on a boat tour with newcomers. How can tourists make the city better? In addition to receiving lots of creative inspiration, you get tools to get to work right after the session. That’s the idea behind Reinvent Tourism: Rediscovering Positive Tourism together.