Let’s rebuild | How do we “rebuild” the landscape of the travel industry and restore consumer confidence? We are ready to start again, but how can we restore consumer confidence and what strategies do we employ to do achieve our goals? How will both travel companies and travel destinations cope if we suddenly have to accelerate from 0 to 100? Do we immediately fall back into old habits and will mass tourism soon be a reality again – or is this the time to make a difference and have we actually learned from this challenging period that things need to change? What is the value of tourism and what does it bring to residents, visitors and businesses? You can read more about the theme here.

Can your product or service help the travel industry find the answer to any of the questions above? The Travel Congress offers you the opportunity to engage with the right conversation partners on these topics. It is the podium to share your vision of your organisation’s innovative services and products with the right people within the travel industry.

Why the Travel Congress?

Sharing and gathering knowledge, inspiration and networking will be the focus during this day. With over 300 professionals, we aim to bring together a great group of people from different corners of the travel industry. The primary target audience at the Travel Congress will be the professional travel industry at management and board level from travel companies, OTAs, airlines, hotel industry, etc.

Want to become a partner?

Would you like to partner up with the Travel Congress as a Gold or Silver sponsor, including a promo point in the main lobby? Please leave your contact details below and our account manager Dave Kroet will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities. Of course you are also welcome at the office for a cup of tea or coffee!