Theme 2022

Let’s rebuild

How do we “rebuild” the landscape of the travel industry and restore consumer confidence?

We are ready to start again, but how can we restore consumer confidence and what strategies do we employ to do achieve our goals? How will both travel companies and travel destinations cope if we suddenly have to accelerate from 0 to 100? Do we immediately fall back into old habits and will mass tourism soon be a reality again – or is this the time to make a difference and have we actually learned from this challenging period that things need to change? What is the value of tourism and what does it bring to residents, visitors and businesses?

2022 will be the year of the restart. Travel must be more sustainable! To achieve this goal, we need to continue to investment in people, planet and profit. Purpose-driven organisations, new business models, investing in human capital, disruptive technologies – these are the topics we have been continuously talking about in recent years. But how can we, as a travel industry, really make a

difference, not only for ourselves, but especially for the next generations?

The nature of the tourism industry is complex; it impacts the climate, but it also has the potential to affect positive change. Commitment from all organisations in the tourism industry is an essential factor in working together to rebuild tourism. It is necessary for the development of an agile and future-proof sector, both in the short and long term.

What will the sector look like in 10 years’ time? Who knows… But we do know that despite everything, we also need to keep dreaming, stay positive, keep being inspired and keep believing in our industry, that has a positive impact on society and makes so many people happy.