A conversation with Elske Doets, Stef Driessen, Paul Peeters, Fenny Koppen and Florian Reuters about True Pricing (NL)

A conversation with Elske Doets, Stef Driessen, Paul Peeters, Fenny Koppen and Florian Reuters about True Pricing (NL)

Rens de Jong talks about true pricing with Elske Doets, Stef Driessen and Paul Peeters. What effects does true pricing have for the travel industry? Are there elements we forget to take into account, and what are the truths and lies about true pricing? The discussion will be led by moderator Rens de Jong.

– Elske Doets, Entrepreneur, founder, speaker, inspirator, writer & Businesswoman 2017
In addition to being the founder of the Young Lady Business Academy (non-profit) and the socially engaged start-up Buddybold, Elske Doets has been the owner of Doets Travel for 20 years. She has an independent spirit and a clear view of the future of society and the economy. She will challenge you to say goodbye to ingrained thought patterns. She also translates complex issues into easily understood missions for individual people, giving them, often for the first time in their lives, a clear direction for their actions and conduct. Elske does not shy away from difficult discussions on contentious issues such as climate and over-tourism, while remaining focused on collaboration, solutions and pace.

– Stef Driessen, Sector Banker Leisure, ABN AMRO
Stef Driessen is sector banker Leisure at ABN AMRO. Together with 60 specialist colleagues, he advises companies in the Leisure, Travel & Hospitality industry. “It really is the greatest industry to work in, as it enriches the lives of so many people.” Stef is happy to discuss ways to make travel more sustainable with you and look at concrete opportunities to improve your margin, brand perception and fundability.

– Paul Peeters, Professor at Breda University of Applied Sciences – Tourism
Paul Peeters has been a Lecturer at the Centre for Sustainability, Tourism and Transport (CSTT) of Breda University of Applied Sciences since 2002. Before that, he worked as an aircraft designer at Fokker, and as a researcher in the fields of wind energy, environment and transportation for various companies and as an independent contractor. His current work and publications cover a wide range of topics, including tourism and climate change scenarios, system-dynamic approaches to tourism modelling, aviation and transportation technology, transport mode choices in tourism, policy making, climate mitigation policies, and technological, sociological and economic solutions for tourism transport.

-Fenny Koppen, CEO & CO-Owner Riksja Travel
Fenny is CEO and co-owner of travel company Riksja Travel. I believe that travel can make the world a better place, if done responsibly. It is important for me to believe in makeability, which means you always act from a position of abundance and optimism. This way, you keep your focus on what can be done, instead of the other way around. Working together within the industry to create a better world is also an important precondition, as far as I am concerned; only by cooperation can we make a difference through economies of scale.

-Florian Reuter, Impact | Energy, water and infrastructure | Principal consultant at Impact Institute
Florian Reuter is Principal at Impact Institute where he leads the Energy, Water & Infra consulting team. He advises various organisations about energy transition from an impact perspective. Impact Institute helps organisations and professionals to realise the impact economy through advise, technology and educations.