Theme Travel Congress 2023

Adapting to change

The world is constantly changing – and so is the travel industry. In recent years, more than ever. We live in disruptive and uncertain times, and must continue to show flexibility and resilience in order to get back on top, keep a grip on things and be more meaningful at the same time. We see a hopeful future ahead, with the endless possibilities of technology, new media and the metaverse. This can lead to surprising insights into marketing, creative business and concept development. What new revenue models do we need and how do we respond to the current behaviour of consumers, with customer satisfaction, personalisation, convenience and comfort at the top of the list, while also having to deal with privacy? Continuing to innovate with a large dose of creativity and entrepreneurship is a must. Otherwise, will technology catch up with us?

Internal change is also something we cannot avoid. A widely held problem is the staff shortage, which means we must continue to invest in Human Capital. But where do we start? Are we investing in our people in the right way, and is the travel industry still attractive to the new generation? Will we be forced to start looking at our payment structure, but also at developments such as remote and hybrid working? Education plays a big role here; do the qualifications still match the qualities we need today?

A sustainable future requires a healthy planet and a society with socio-economic cohesion. As a travel industry, we need to be much clearing in showing the great strides we are already making in this field, and what positive results it is yielding other countries and travellers themselves. In addition, we must also continue to hold up a critical mirror to ourselves. Is it time for the next step, such as growth limits, true pricing and a better approach to mass tourism? What impact would this have and are we, as a travel industry, ready for this change?

What the travel industry will look like after COVID, no one knows, but one thing we can agree on is that travel remains an enrichment to anyone’s life.

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