Deep Dive Sessions

Break-out session round 3 & 4
10.45 – 12.00 Round table – Deep dive sessions (NL)

This year, the Travel Congress is facilitating a new programme element: the Round Table Deep Dive Sessions! By means of this interactive new type of discussion, we want to bring the travel industry together in a different way. Sitting at round tables with 10 colleagues from the industry from various disciplines, an experienced and well-introduced moderator will lead a open discussion on a specific theme. The goal is to use these ‘deep dives’ to create cross-pollination on a specific current topic, that will help boost collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the travel industry. What’s in it for you? Learning from each other, finding new insights and of course, networking.

Gerben Hardeman
Emilie Hagendoorn
Joyce de Thouars
Saskia Pepping
Lobke Elbers
Eveline Erkelens
Michel Groenenstijn
Raymond Klompsma

Who for?
Everyone is welcome, as long as you have an affinity with one of the following subjects in your job position. There are 6 round tables, and there is room for a total of 54 participants. Based on the registrations received, the organisation will use “matchmaking“ to ensure participants are evenly distributed over the tables, looking at the theme, type of organisation and job profile. We only have a limited number of spaces, so sign up soon!

You can sign up for one of the following topics:

  1. ‘New business models – the future’

The increasingly diverse travelling behaviour of consumers is forcing the travel industry to adopt new business models. Sustainability plays an important role in this process, and will therefore become a more and more integral part of it. Both consciously and unconsciously, it will have to be experienced as an added value by travellers and organisations. How do you deal with this development as a company, and what are the critical success factors for a successful business model?

  • ‘Customer of the future: the ultimate Customer Journey’

The future of travel starts with the changing traveller and the desired customer experience. Digital en seamless travel, with a focus on the human touch, are developments that are essential within the customer journey. All organisations in the travel industry try to influence every step of the journey. Where do you start and how do you create the ultimate customer journey and ultimately customer experience?